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Drapery Grommets

Drapery grommets are on the rise and rapidly overcoming hooks and other devices for hanging widow treatments. The drapery or curtain grommets are large in diameter to allow a standard two inch rod or pole to be inserted through. is happy to provide a large selection of grommets well suited for drapery hanging. One of the easiest options to look at for draperies is our plastic grommets. The grommets are round and have interior diameters of 2 ¾ inches to accommodate the curtain rod. The exterior diameter is near four inches. The grommets are snap connections so there is no machine required to pace them. Just a piece of wood and a small hammer to ensure the snap closure is secure would be needed.

The plastic grommets are available in many standard colors, but may be special ordered in custom colors to match any décor. Custom orders may have a small delay but standard orders should be shipped the same day as the order arrives. Metal grommets are available in diameters large enough for drapery use in addition to the sizes usually more suited to sewing grommets.

Curtain Grommets in Six Finishes

The metal grommets large enough for curtain grommets are made of brass but are available in six different colored finishes to match or compliment the fabric and wall colors. The drapery grommets can be purchased in nickel, brass, matte nickel, antique brass, antique copper, and basic black. The finishes are permanently bonded to the grommets and will not fade or discolor easily. The metal grommets will require some grommet tools to place them successfully, such as a grommet press, setter dies, and cutter dies.

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Sewing Grommets for Fabric and Leather

The smallest of the metal grommets offered by are perfect as sewing grommets. They can be placed in leather or fabric easily and will last longer than the material. They need to be placed with a grommet press using setting and cutting dies of the appropriate size.

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