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Grommet Size Selection

What distinguishes from other grommet retailers is our grommet size selection. We have the largest inventory selection available with standard grommets made of metal and specialty grommets from plastic. stocks five varieties of small grommets, five medium sizes, and three large grommets. The grommets are all constructed from brass for unmatched strength and durability. Steel grommets are not sold at due to a tendency to rust in moist and salty environments. Many of our customers reside in coastal areas, tropical climates, or use our grommets at sea. The robust resistance to corrosion that all brass grommets deliver is perfect for these challenging locations.

Plastic grommets are available from but are limited in size to 2 ¾ inch diameters and snap together construction. The plastic is a UV stabilized polypropylene designed to resist color fading and cracking in the sun or heat. The grommets may be used inside or out and have many standard or custom color choices available.

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Small Grommets for Precise Work

The small grommets offered for sale by offer low prices but high quality. The grommet size for these grommets starts at size #00 or a 3/16 inch inner diameter. These grommets can be used for clothing pieces and other smaller applications. The size incrementally rises to #4 with a ½ inch inner diameter as the biggest one in this grouping of grommets. These grommets come in seven different finishes including black, white, brass, nickel, and other variations.

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Large Grommets for Big Needs has three sizes of large grommets in the standard inventory for metal grommets and one large size plastic grommet. The metal grommets are available in six finishes including brass, nickel, antique copper, and more. The plastic grommets come in many standard and custom colors. The large grommets are used by the drapery industry to hang them on poles or rods.

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