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Buy Grommets Wholesale for Best Price

Everyone knows that buying wholesale is usually better for pricing than buying retail. It eliminates one more level of participant from the chain that needs to make a profit from the sale. is a leading distributor and provider of grommets, wholesale or retail. No order is too big and our low prices reflect the wholesale nature of the business. The company offers to match any competitor’s price.

Wholesale businesses often rely directly on making factory orders to reduce overall costs but that incurs a delay to the customer. The order can’t be placed until the customer orders the grommets. changes that model to service their customers better and quicker. We have the largest inventory selection of standard grommets of any business in the industry. The variety of sizes, finishes, and tools is unmatched and the company can handle orders for any project. offers a smaller group of plastic grommets in bulk as well. They are mostly designed for the drapery and window treatment industry.

The huge investment in inventory by gives us the ability to fill almost every order, regardless of size, on the day it was placed. The shipping will be on the same day or at latest the next business day. offers some of the lowest shipping rates despite our quick delivery schedules.

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Standard Grommets in Six Finishes

Most of the grommets wholesale businesses sell are in standard sizes and is not an exception. However, our selection of standard grommets runs a much larger size range than most of our competitors. We offer from the smallest grommets, at size #00 (3/16”), to the largest with size #20 (3”) made from highest quality brass with several finishes. The brass offers both strength and durability as it resists rust and corrosion extremely well.

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Plastic Grommets for 2” Pipes or Poles

A special group of plastic grommets is available from in the 2 ¾ inch diameter size. The plastic pieces snap together and are available in several standard colors as well as custom colors with a special order. These grommets are perfect for use by window treatment and curtain installation professionals.

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