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Snap Grommets Need No Machines

Snap grommets are low cost and easy to place since they do not require any grommet press or tools. The two pieces of the grommet snap together tightly to grip the fabric securely in between but do not offer the strength of a pressed grommet. offers the largest inventory of round grommets in the industry, but only carries one type of specialized grommet that closes without a press. The plastic grommets in the supply are made from high quality UV stabilized polypropylene to resist color fading and cracking. These grommets are designed primarily with drapery and window treatments in mind.

The grommets do require some force to place together the pieces. The recommended method is to place a piece of wood over the grommet top with the bottom part braced on the floor or a hard surface. Tap the grommet in place with a small 4 pound hammer until it firmly snaps together. The fabric should be held securely for most window treatment related projects.

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Round Grommets for Every Project has the largest in house stock of round grommets in the industry. Delivery of any order is expedited due to the rapid availability of the grommets in stock. Back orders are very rare and usually involve special requests outside the standard sizes and finishes.

Plastic snap grommets are just one type of grommet in the inventory. Metal grommets of small to large sizes are the bulk of the selection. They are available in several finishes and all made of high quality brass. The brass can be finished with black, white, nickel, antique copper, and other attractive colors to suit any project.

The grommet sizes range from size #00 (3/16 inches diameter) for fine work to #20 (3 inches diameter) for large openings such as drapes or curtains. The amount of grommet choices at is incredible when you combine the various sizes with the finish options. All of the grommets are available for same day shipment in almost every case and at industry low prices guaranteed.

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